Our history

"Cats are effortlessly able
 to do what is still denied to humans:
 go through life without making a sound.”

Ernest Hemingway

Cats have populated the world of literature for centuries, as protagonists in stories, novels, and poems or as friends and companions of artists, writers, and illustrious poets.

Of all cats, the white one is undoubtedly the most elegant. It has no hearing, but moves around and perceives its environment from the smells and tactile sensations it receives. Its is a muffled world, where the quiet invites a dialogue with history and nature and the silence allows you to "listen" to its impressions, scents, and colours.

From the passion for this beautiful animal, which is the guest of honour of the Gatto Bianco House, springs the skilful work that led to the birth of the first Bed & Breakfast signed Gatto Bianco that looks to the future, without losing sight of the history and cultural heritage of the past: a real small residence made up of 6 rooms, proud of its uniqueness that comes from elegance, style and, sobriety, associated with personalized comfort and high-quality standards.

  The structure is air-conditioned, and has been restored with high-quality materials, such as marble, excellent finishes and furnished with extreme care and taste for details. It offers its guests numerous services to make an extremely pleasant stay while maintaining excellent value for money. It also offerts the possibility of booking an associated nearby car park.

Do you have a valuable property and wish to increase its profitability?

Gatto Bianco is a company that has made kindness, professionalism, and excellent service its greatest boast.

Our prestige properties are located in strategic and prestigious areas and are managed directly by our multilingual, knowledgeable, and friendly staff.

In a strongly evolving market -that of tourist accommodation-, Gatto Bianco has for several years consolidated its position as a professional operator of reference, following directly and under direct management, the marketing of micro-accommodation structures destined to become prestigious short-let accommodation.

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