Gatto Bianco, a business choice

If you have an extra-hotel accommodation business or would like to start a business in this sector, you will certainly have come across these questions:

  • How do I manage OTC (Travel Online Agency)?
  • How do I set room prices maximising rate occupancy and price if I am not a Revenue Manager expert?
  • How do I set up a structure that is consistent with the needs of the national or international, business or leisure clientele, without investing too much money?

I mean, how can I not be a victim of my own business?

Well, Gatto Bianco is the answer for you.

Gatto Bianco is a company that has made kindness, professionalism, and excellent service its greatest strength

All this is the result not only of dedication but above all of an entrepreneurial system with its roots in Switzerland, borrowing the rigorousness of its processes and combining it with an all-Italian sensitivity to hospitality.

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